Moscow police launch investigation of property management closure

whitepine follow pic.jpg

As we first reported Thursday, a property management business seems to have closed its doors and quietly slipped away and a lot of tenants are wondering what happens now.

What’s more, Moscow police told me today they’re launching an investigation.

Whitepine Property Management in Moscow looks empty. The office is located at 102 North Line Street. When I went there yesterday, the shades are drawn and no one came to the door when I knocked. The same thing happened today.

Chief James Fry told me he’s received five reports from frustrated tenants Thursday. At this time, it’s a civil matter and nothing criminal has happened but police are now getting involved.

Chief Fry said, “If it doesn’t meet the criminal element then we do tell them that they can take a civil action and go through the courts that way.”

The business sign isn’t on display in front of the building. It’s off to the side, as if it was thrown away.

Today, we discovered the Whitepine Property Management Facebook page, as well as its Instagram account have both been taken down. But when we searched yesterday, we noticed the online reviews of the company were negative.

We reached out again to the company’s owner for comment. As of news time have not heard back.

According to online court records, there are two pending civil suits involving the owner and the Whitepine Property Management Company as well as the company which Whitepine bought earlier this year, University City Rentals. Both were filed this year.

So far, there are no bankruptcy filings on record and the Better Business Bureau of the Northwest said it has “no rating” simply because Whitepine Property Management hasn’t been running for an entire year. However, BBB did receive one complaint yesterday and they are also investigating.

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