Moscow Rebels Special Olympics team needs help after equipment was stolen

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow Rebels Special Olympics Team is preparing for the upcoming state games in Sun Valley, Idaho but they recently encountered a setback.

Thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen from their storage unit. Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us what went missing, and how the community can help get the team back on track in time for state.

We're at the corner of Palouse River Drive and South Main Street in Moscow, where the local Special Olympics team rents a storage unit. The coach of the Moscow Rebels visited the storage unit over the weekend, only to find out they had been robbed.

"When I got here last Saturday, the storage door was wide open, swinging in the wind," said Moscow Rebel Special Olympics Coach Elizabeth King. "And when I walked in, I noticed that all of our winter equipment was not where I left it the previous Saturday."

Snow shoes, jackets, skis, boots and poles were taken from this small storage unit. Moscow Rebels Special Olympics Coach Elizabeth King said it's a loss of over $4,000.

"I had to go and tell all the athletes that the equipment was gone," said King. "That was just devastating because they've been practicing since the first weekend of January and they've worked really hard."

The Moscow Rebels are preparing for the Special Olympics State Games on February 28th.

"We've got athletes that do cross country skiing, which is nordic, and snowshoeing," said King.

But the Rebels can't participate without the missing equipment. Other local teams have loaned the Rebels their extra gear, but King said they'll need the community's help in order to fully equip the team.

"They were very disappointed, they were sad," said King. "They were mostly concerned if they actually get to go to state and participate."

While the police are investigating the crime, King is reaching out to the community Hoping for donations of snowshoes and ski equipment, or money to pay for rentals.

"Hope's not lost," said King. "We're going to keep on doing our thing and making sure these athletes get to go participate."

King said the police don't have any leads yet, but she said the Rebels have received a tremendous amount of support from the community.

If you have extra snowshoes or skiing equipment, or are willing to donate money to help pay for equipment rentals, you can contact Special Olympics Northern Idaho Regional Director Pam Lisenbe at (208) 659-0172 or by e-mail at

If you have any information relating to this crime, contact the Moscow Police Department at (208) 882-2677.