Moscow residents reaction when Montana earthquake felt in region

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Now to that 5.8 earthquake that struck western Montana. Since then that same area has experienced dozens of aftershocks that continue to rattle the area, and this is how far reaching it was.

The yellow star is the epicenter of the quake, northwest of Helena, closer to Lincoln, Montana. More than a dozen weaker tremblors have been recorded today. That quake was felt all the way over here in the LC Valley and Palouse.

KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti joins us with reaction. Alex, how are people describing the quake?

People here in Moscow are telling me that it was like a swaying, rolling feeling and that scared a lot of people out of their sleep early this morning.

“And the door was ajar and the door started swinging back and forth, the dog got up and started barking,” said Polly Walker, Moscow resident.

For Moscow resident Polly Walker, Wednesday night’s earthquake was the first she had ever been in. Just after 11:30 she was in bed when the room felt like it was rocking.

“I looked up and I thought I was dizzy because the room was just moving and my husband was in the other room,” said Polly.

Walker’s account is similar to what others here on the Palouse felt as well.

"Last night was day 272 of my walk across America,” said Logan Mayberry.

Logan Mayberry, who is walking across America to help children achieve their dreams, just happens to be in Moscow right now. I interviewed him this week about his journey and last night he caught the earthquake on camera.

"I actually woke up around 11:30 last night kinda confused why my bed was shaking and then this video was taken, we're having an earthquake right now,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry looks slightly alarmed as you can see his bed shake back and forth.

On our Facebook page Amber Kelso Rotella said, “I Felt the bed shaking. I sat up because I couldn’t figure it out and I thought I was just getting dizzy. Crazy!”

Denise Nelson wrote, “Yep, it woke me up. I looked around wondering who or what was shaking my bed.

The epicenter of the quake was hundreds of miles away near Lincoln Montana. And for Walker, she said it wasn’t so bad.

“It was kind of, kind of fun actually, but it was scary because I didn't know what was happening...yeah,” said Walker.

Local police say they’ve received numerous calls about the earthquake, but there were no outages or injuries to report.

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