Moscow School Dist. new superintendent and principal see positive changes

MOSCOW, ID - Summer is unofficially over on the Palouse now that both Moscow and Pullman schools are back in session.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us about the significant changes that Moscow School District is facing this year.

A new school year is underway in Moscow, and while the kids were away over the summer the school district made a few changes.

"This town is consistently changing," said Moscow School District Superintendent Greg Bailey. "And I think that's a great thing."

Former Grangeville School District Superintendent Greg Bailey moved back to his hometown to take over the Moscow School District.

"It's kind of fun to come back here and have that opportunity to make a difference of a community that was a big part of your life, so I'm excited," said Bailey.

Superintendent Bailey said he plans to focus on developing strong relationships throughout Moscow community.

"We have to work with businesses, the college, and with the parents so that we can help the community, but in the long run, help our students," said Bailey.

In addition to a new superintendent, there's a new principal here at Moscow High School.

"This is the greatest place ever," said Moscow High School Principal Erik Perryman. "I mean, it's a dream job really. We've got the best faculty that I could ever imagine and the kids are amazing."

Moscow High School Principal Erik Perryman may be new to the position, but he's no stranger to the school.

"For the past four years, I've been the assistant principal here," said Perryman. "And before that I was actually lucky enough to teach English in this building for six years. So this is actually my eleventh year in the building."

Perryman said the high school is already benefiting from the $10.8 million bond that voters passed last April.

"We've already received a bunch of brand new windows, which is going to be a great thing in the winter to keep some heat in the building," said Perryman.

And the bond will continue to pay off when the high school science labs and bathrooms are remodeled this spring. Plus, rooftop repairs are currently being done around the district.

"It's a really positive time for us," said Perryman.

The Moscow School District is also moving forward with plans to build playfields on the Joseph Street property. Superintendent Bailey said that construction will likely start next summer.