Moscow School District plans to put empty piece of property to good use

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow School District has a plan to put an empty piece of property to good use for area children.

Since the early 90's, the Moscow School District has owned a prime piece of land at the corner of Joseph Street and Mountain View. It was originally intended to be a space for a new school building. But, the school district has not had the funding or the need to build another school so it has been left untouched for almost two decades.

"The district right now has the priorities of upgrading its current facilities, and so we don't see a new school in the near future," said Moscow School District Superintendent Dale Kleinert. "And it would be in the community's best interest and benefit to use the property for play fields."

The Joseph Street property is one of the only flat pieces of land in town, making it an ideal spot for playing fields. Moscow School District has sent a proposal to the city asking them to develop the land. If it's approved, the school would still own the property, but the city would be free to build and maintain the fields, and both parties would be able to use it. If the need for a new school arises in the future, it would be built on the Joseph Street Property.