Moscow School District seeks public feedback to upgrade schools

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow School District needs money for much needed improvements to its schools.

"Oh wow!" said parent.

A unique opportunity.

"I almost get emotional because it's just not right for kids," said Moscow Principal Bob Celebrezze.

All this week, Moscow School District Officials invited both the parents of students, and non-parents, and the taxpayers all to take an exclusive inside look at the schools they care about and pay for.

I'm always sort of amazed when I come in here," said a parent.

The tours highlighted the schools' eyesores and facilities that are in need of an upgrade.

"We have roofs, and boilers and infrastructure that we've tried to take care of, but the current funding mechanism does not allow us to do the needed repairs," said Moscow School District Superintendent Dale Kleinert

Kleinert said that the district needs an estimated $10.8 million to make the eyesores go away.

"Clearly, this is unacceptable and needs to be replaced," said Celebrezze.

Moscow High School Principal Bob Celebrezze is most concerned about his school's bathrooms and science labs.

"We still put students in the top universities and this is what they have to deal with on a daily basis," said Celebrezze.

The district still isn't sure if they'll ask for the money through a bond or a levy. In May, voters will get a chance to decide whether or not to fund the renovations.

Kleinert also said that the district needs the upgrades to uphold both the health and safety of the students.

The Moscow School District wants to make it clear that they haven't made any decisions yet. Their Long Range Task Force estimated that they will need about $10.8 million for the renovations, but that amount has yet to be approved by the school board. They are encouraging the public to provide feedback before they decide on an amount, and decide whether to go with a bond or a levy.