Moscow woman wins $250,00 from Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket

MOSCOW, ID - Have you ever bought a scratch ticket that really paid off?

Well, that's exactly what happened to one Moscow woman this week. Here's a picture of Betty Kelson, who won $250,000 off a $20 scratch ticket that she purchased at the Moscow Rosauers.

Idaho Lottery Spokesperson, David Workman said the Lewiston-Moscow area is actually one of the luckiest places in the state.

"You guys have about 7.4% of the population in that area, and total you have about 20% of the winning tickets that are over $50,000 in the state of Idaho," said Workman.

Kelson set a record with her quarter-million dollar win, that's the largest win from Moscow in the history of the Idaho Lottery. Kelson played a game called "Idaho $250,000 Jackpot" which has only been out for a few weeks, and we're told there is one more of those jackpots out there.