Moscow's East City Park transformed into a reptile petting zoo

MOSCOW, ID - It's Entertainment in the Park season in Moscow, which means every Thursday night, the City holds a kid-friendly performance in East City Park.

Here are the latest performer, and the scaly friends that he brought with him.

A tortoise grazing in Moscow's East City Park isn't something that you see every day. But during this week's edition of Entertainment in the Park, the area transformed into a reptile petting zoo.

"Interesting," a girl said.

"We target to families, but we're trying to provide entertainment for the entire community at the same time," said Latah County Libraries Youth Services Librarian Jacki Fulwood.

Scott Petersen, also known as The Reptile Man, and his cold-blooded assistants provided this week's entertainment.

"Well they call me The Reptile Man, but I run a reptile zoo in Monroe, Washington," said Petersen.

He travels the Northwest, teaching kids that there's no need to fear reptiles.

"These animals are very shy creatures, and they're actually good for people," said Petersen.

As it turns out, reptiles are friendlier than you might think. Boa constrictors have never killed a human.

"Snakes don't chase people," said Petersen. "They're afraid of you. And so you don't need to kill them. Snakes eat rats and mice, and that saves our grain like wheat and corn and rice."

Despite the snake's agricultural benefits, the kids favored the alligator.

"Because it has a weird face," said attendee Emerson Snyder.

"It's kind of sandy when I touch it," said a young girl.

"I learned that they're not scared than I thought," said a young girl.

The Entertainment in the Park performances are held on Thursday nights at 6:00 p.m., but there are only two more weeks left before the series ends for the year.