Mr. Holland's Opus grant benefits Grantham Elementary kids

CLARKSTON, WA - Thanks to a generous grant from a national music foundation, students at a local elementary are singing a happier tune.

KLEW News takes you to Grantham Elementary where students are learning to play on dozens of new instruments.

"Every year we have a problem with not enough students being able to afford instruments," said Music Instructor, Loa Vornholt. "And so I thought if I got a grant and were able to obtain several instruments then every single student would have an instrument in their hands."

A foundation inspired by the composer of Mr. Holland's Opus is getting instruments in the hands of our students right here in Clarkston.

The movie follows a dedicated band teacher who inspires students across several generations. Now students at Grantham Elementary said the movie has touched their lives thanks to a $10,500 grant.

"Statistics have shown that students come to school because of maybe one certain thing draws them," said Vornholt. "If it's band, then that's awesome."

"It means a lot to me that and I'm sure a lot of the class because it gives us a chance to try out new things and try out new instruments," said Fifth grader, Erikka Wilponen.

"The goal is so that next year when these students are in sixth grade, they'll all be able to play an instrument," said Vornholt.

And with a little hard work, this group of eager fifth graders could turn their music class into a beautiful symphony.

The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation has donated more than 15,000 new and refurbished instruments to schools across the county.