MSN ranks Pullman as one of top 10 college towns in the nation

PULLMAN, WA - According to MSN, Pullman is one of the top ten college towns in North America.

For Wazzu students, this ranking comes as no surprise.

"Pullman is really accepting," said WSU student Joselyn Corker. "Everyone here is really accepting to you, they're all very open and everyone's really friendly and the campus is amazing."

"I really don't know how to explain it other than that we all are a big, huge family," said WSU student Leah Bowie.

"Relaxing," said WSU student Kyo Keum. "It's a lot quieter than a big city, which is what I kind of like about it."

"It's probably the perfect size for a college town, plus the way the town is kind of situated it's all about the college," said WSU student Hayden Yeomans.

Durham, North Carolina topped the list of top college towns in North America, and Boulder, Colorado, was also mentioned, which is home to the Colorado Buffaloes and me. Pullman ranked number six, so let's take a look at what put Pullman on the list.

According to MSN, there just isn't another university setting like Pullman in the Pac-12. The beautiful backdrop of the Palouse was mentioned, and so was the rich theatrical culture. But you cannot talk about Pullman without mentioning the die hard cougar football fans.

"I was born a cougar," said Corker. "Both my parents went here so it's just kind of how I've grown up."