Mural comes to life as painting resumes behind the canoe wave sculpture

LEWISTON, ID - The intricate painting resumes on the mural behind the canoe wave in Lewiston.

Work has resumed on what will be the largest outdoor mural within the region, after a five-month halt due to the cold weather. Artist Rolf Goetzinger began spray painting the waves Wednesday and said after that he'll begin using rollers and brushes on the piece, which serves as a backdrop for the canoe wave sculpture.

"The two were supposed to work together, so I came up with this idea with the water ripple which is right behind the wave of the canoe, and then the rest of it is some sturgeon and steelhead," said Goetzinger.

Dependent on the weather, the mural is expected to be finished in 14 days. The city will then begin to landscape the site in May or early June, which will serve as an outdoor space for people to enjoy.