Muscular dystrophy benefits from fund raiser

LEWISTON, ID - The results are in and, to say the least, firefighters from the L-C Valley did their fair share in raising money for those affected by muscular dystrophy.

In total firefighters from Lewiston, Clarkston and Asotin County raised $10,000 with the annual "Fill the Boot" campaign this past Saturday. The Clarkston Fire Department raised over half that money alone.

"This year we raised just a hair under $5,600," said Captain Jim Babino of the Clarkston Fire Department. "So it was a really good year. And that money will stay here locally and just help the families that have challenges from the disease. Whether that be for their kids or whatever."

Funds raised through the event will help support research, healthcare services, and day to day support for those struggling with muscular dystrophy in our region.

Thank you to everyone that donated.