Music and a proposal make for a perfect day


This couple just agreed to tie the knot but the way Ron Stanley decided to ask his girlfriend was a show of its own.

"So Kareena my fiancé, she's a huge Skillet fan," said Ron.

Ron Stanley is talking about the band Skillet, a Christian rock group.

"She's never gotten to see them live, so I actually got VIP tickets with a meet and greet with them," said Ron.

But Ron had a little surprise up his sleeve.

"And when we actually got to meet them, I actually pulled the lead singer aside and said, 'Hey can I purpose to my girlfriend?’," said Ron.

An Kareena had no idea.

"I said hi to the lead singer and his wife, and then I turned to the drummer. and I turned back and see Ron talking to the lead singer and I didn't think anything of it," said Kareena.

And this is how the next few moments played out.

"I had no idea what to say or do," said Kareena.

"I don't know my heart was just pounding," said Ron.

The band posted the engagement on social media where it has over 19,000 likes and this story comes full circle for the engagement, Skillet was a big factor and now also for the wedding.

"And it's gonna be one of their songs, for our song, so," said Ron.

And Kareena is still on cloud nine.

"Ron definitely did the best proposal ever," said Kareena.

Ron and Kareena are planning to tie the knot next summer and they are even sending an invitation the band Skillet.

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