Myrton Fordyce celebrates hitting the century mark by bowling for his birthday


A local man turns 100 years old and chooses a unique way to celebrate a century of life.

KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty got an invite to his party. She joins us now in studio with the details.

Myrton Fordyce picked up bowling as a hobby when he returned home from World War II…and he thought what better way to celebrate his birthday than with his favorite past time. Take a look.

The pins…the balls…the laugh…of Myrton bowling. Myrton Fordyce is celebrating a big birthday.

“Well, I’ll be 100,” said Fordyce.

That’s right, it’s his 100th birthday, and he chose to celebrate with a passion he picked up after serving in World War II.

"Well I got out the service in '45 and I went to work for Potlatch,” said Fordyce. “I just happened to bowl a game or two with some people."

And shortly thereafter, he joined a team.

"One fella got, broke his leg doing something, and they needed another bowler so they asked me if I'd take his place. and so I said, I guess so… so by then I started liking it,” said Fordyce.

From that day forward, Myrton found that bowling was right up his alley.

And all that time at the lanes... has paid off.

"I got a spare in the first round, and then I've had one or two pins every time,” said Fordyce.

But for Myrton it’s not all about winning.

"Bowling with a group of people like this is pretty wonderful,” said Fordyce.

And as for his age...

"I guess it's maybe exciting, I don't know, I'm kinda happy and proud and everything, but I don't feel any different than I did yesterday,” said Fordyce.

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