Mysterious phone call to Potlatch High School sparks lockdown

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We begin with the latest on an investigation out of Potlatch High School. We brought this to you as breaking news on, twitter and facebook today as it was happening. Around eight o’clock this morning, the school got a mysterious phone call from a crying woman.

Potlatch Superintendent Jeff Cirka said that phone call prompted the lockdown. I’m told the lady sounded distressed and told the high school they might want to initiate a lockdown…after that she hung up.

Cirka said, “We initiated our protocols not knowing exactly what the distress was about, but we didn't want to take any chances.”

Not taking any chances because what was said in the phone call was enough to put school officials on high alert. Around eight o’clock this morning, just as school started, Potlatch High School got the call.

Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles said a distressed woman, crying, told the school they might want to initiate a lockdown, but she hung up. The call was so quick no caller ID showed up on the school’s phone. Immediately after that mysterious call, Superintendent Jeff Cirka decided the best thing to do was to put his schools into a hard lockdown.

Circka said, “Hard lockdowns indicate that we're going to close out our doors, our outer doors and keep our kids in classes.

Latah County Sheriff’s deputies swept the building. They didn’t find anything suspicious and gave the all clear. But to be safe, Superintendent Cirka kept the school in a soft lockdown.

Cirka said, “We escort them in certain areas, we do initiate also a closed campus for lunch time so kids can't go off campus for lunch.”

During the ordeal, Potlatch School District stayed in touch with parents through social media, and they found it very effective.

Cirka said, “You can get immediate information out to people to kind of shutdown some of the rumors that might be going on.”

Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles said that they’re trying to trace where the phone call came from. If you have any information, call them at (208) 882-2216.

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