Nagle family has faced numerous life challenges and need community's help

ASOTIN, WA - An Asotin boy and his family rejoiced after a heart transplant in 2011 gave 16-year-old Paul Nagle a new chance at life.

However the family has learned that the transplant surgery is just the first battle the family faces in a long road of recovery and financial hardship.

At the tender age of 16, Paul Nagle had accepted his own death as an immediate reality.

"That's all I've really known is today could be the last day or tomorrow or any day," said Nagle.

Born with a heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Paul and his family had to relocate to Seattle in 2011 so that he could undergo treatment and ultimately transplant surgery.

"It was a 13-hour surgery," said mother Duree Nagle. "He had been in the ICU and they had to take him back in for emergency surgery. And then two weeks after that he went into severe rejection. So that led to six weeks of chemo and then he had to be in isolation for abut eight months."

The Nagles finally got the green light in March to return to their hometown of Asotin after two years spent in Seattle. And just when things were taking a turn for the better the Nagles were faced another tragedy when they returned to their home.

"We got home and could smell it by the door," said Duree. "And then it was, 'Oh my gosh, everything is destroyed.'"

During their stay in Seattle, mice had overtaken the Nagles house. From clothing, to appliances all the way to the insulation, rodents destroyed their belongings. Now, family friend Patti Dobyns is rallying the community to raise money for the Nagles, doing everything she can to help them in some small way.

"The community needs to help these people, they need to get back home," said Dobyns.

"We've got a job that we need to do," said Archie Nagle. "One day at a time. Just get in and do it, that's all we can do."

Right now, the Nagles are staying at Family Promise until they're able to make their home livable once again. But with medical bills on top of the reconstruction, they need your help.

Dobyns said donations of any kind including food, furniture and clothing are being collected.

If you'd like to learn more about how to help the Nagle family go to!/groups/456969077705283/?fref=ts