NAIA Game Committee officials play important role at NAIA games

LEWISTON, ID - There's a lot more to NAIA tournament play than meets the eye. Reporter Sophia Miraglio introduces you to the guys that can't be seen but have definite presence at this years NAIA World Series.

A games committee is required to be in place at every national tournament. The executive committee is at this years event has set up shop right under the first base line bleachers. Here's a look at all they do.

There's no instant replay, if coaches have a problem they take it up with the umpires. However if all else fails then the spotlight turns to the NAIA Games Committee.

"We are in charge of running the actual tournament," said NAIA Games Committee, Ted Tom. "So we are in charge of the actual things that go on in between the lines and on the field."

There are countless rules that govern tournament play and the four members on the committee have to be aware of them all.

"We tell teams there half an hours batting practice times, make sure they're in on time and out on time," said NAIA Games Committee, Shawn Summe. "Ten minutes in pre-game infield and when they can start, when they can get off the field, when they can stretch. We basically just make sure that everything is being done properly."

Which has proven to be easier said than done, especially when it comes to teams appealing a decision or flat out protesting.

"Last year a school had used a bat that was illegal throughout the year, a school called them out on it and brought it down to the Games Committee," said Summe.

The year however has ran a lot smoother.

"It's been great the weather has been awesome," said Tom. "It's perfect out here right now."

"The closer you get to the championship game the intensity picks up a little bit," said Tom. "There's some decisions we have to make on who plays who. So we're in constant contact with our administrator just making sure were making the right decisions."

In addition to tournament play the committee is in the process of creating the All-American team.

"We are given the responsibility to choose the best players in the country," said Tom. "Based on statistics, and then we come up with the first teams and the second team. And we get the huge responsibility to decide who the 'National Player of the Year' is."

Those decisions will be made public following the world series.

Based on the fact that Cumberland has played everyone left in the tournament and L-C was the first lose to them, that's why they will re-match Thursday night. This similar scenario played out back in 2003. Now if L-C pulls out a win, Cumberland will get the bye into the title game... based on the fact that they have not had one all tournament.