National Bike to School Day is treat for Moscow students

MOSCOW, ID - Wednesday was National Bike to School Day and in the active city of Moscow, that's a reason to celebrate.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us why bike to school day is a treat for the students and their parents.

"What took you so long?" said a boy.

National Bike to School Day is something that McDonald Elementary School students take pretty seriously.

"We've been talking about it for weeks and weeks," said Parent Teacher Organization President Stacey Trivalpiece. "The PE teachers talk about it, their teachers talk about it."

Over two hundred students came to school on either two wheels, or two feet.

"I bet you we had at least three fourths of our kids walk or bike or ride today," said Trivalpiece. "It was awesome. There was hardly any carpool line at all."

Bike to School Day made the morning commute easier for parents... and much more fun for the kids.

"For one, I don't have to drive them to school," said Trivalpiece. "So it saves me that time and that hassle in the carpool line, but they love it. They get their exercise, get their wiggles out in the morning. My boys need that usually, a lot of the kids need to get their wiggles out in the morning before they go into class."

Students got a charm for their backpack.

"You got to wear these every day, be proud," said a man.

And a sports drink to rehydrate before class.

"They're handing out blue Gatorade," said a boy.

The mayor of Moscow even showed up to congratulate them.

"I love the smiling faces and the kids who give high-fives," said Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney. "They're so excited to be out walking and realizing it's not as onerous as they might have first thought."

This is the second annual National Bike to School Day, and thousands of schools across the country hold events to celebrate.