New 17-lot subdivision on 85-acres planned five miles outside Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - The Nez Perce County Commission approved plans for a new subdivision on 85 acres about five miles outside of Lewiston.

The final agreement is for a 17-lot subdivision. Land owner Verl Long of Lewiston filed his plan for what will be called "Chucker Run," out on Rosenkrantz Road. Work can start as early as today, however six of the lots can't be developed or sold until the original owner releases his legal right to a small trail on that portion of land.

"Where we can improve property and increase the tax base, and try to generate additional revenues so government services can be funded," said Nez Perce County Commissioner, Doug Havens. "I think it's important for commissioners to look at all the options. And this was an option that the commissioners did have and I think it's a good option."

It was a two to one vote. Havens and Tippett voted in favor of the development. The agreement will need to be renewed after one year.