New banners show Vandal pride in City of Moscow

MOSCOW, ID - December is almost here and a lot of places are starting to display their Christmas Spirit, but the City of Moscow is displaying more school spirit with their University of Idaho banners.

Earlier this month, the city and the Chamber of Commerce replaced the Rendezvous in the Park banners with black and gold ones. The banners were put up to promote U of I events like Dad's weekend, and because there was a demand from Moscow citizens for more Vandal Pride around town.

"The University's a really large part of the community and so we like to be able to promote those events and show the Vandal pride throughout the city," said Moscow Public Works Department Maintenance Manager Tyler Palmer.

The city plans to develop a banner rotation schedule within a couple of months, but until then the U of I pride will be flying high in Moscow. They are also in the process of marking all of its fleet vehicles with a sticker that incorporates the city, the university, and the Moscow School District. City officials said that we can expect to see that change soon.