New campaign headquarters office for Democrats opens in Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - Nez Perce County Democrats are excited about opening up a new office.

The Nez Perce County Democrat Campaign Headquarters is now located at 852 Main Street in downtown Lewiston.

Several democrats were at the new location sharing lunch with constituents Thursday, and they said they're excited for the future.

"This is one during the time of the campaign we want people to see the democratic candidates to come in and ask questions," said Idaho House Minority Leader Representative, John Rusche. "Get involved! And to show really we're here, and we're vibrant in District-6 in Nez Perce County."

"We hope to establish some regular hours," said Candidate for Idaho Senate, Pete Gertonson. "There will be someone in here manning the office and people can come in and says you know I would like to help us, or find out information about the candidates."

Democratic leaders won't be at their office tonight (Thursday) however because they will be at Hereth Park in Lewiston from 6:00-8:00p.m. for a free picnic in the park. The public is encouraged to come out to the annual event.