New Cider House restaurant specializing in House Ciders made locally

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman takes pride in its list of unique, local businesses, and that could be why the newest restaurant in town has quickly become a favorite spot for many locals.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us about the family-friendly establishment that's known for its apple cider.

"Another item into the repertoire of drinks doesn't hurt anybody," said Cider House Owner Trent Maier.

There seems to be a new trend in the adult beverage industry.

"Cider kind of resides somewhere between beer and wine," said Maier. "It's technically a wine in terms of its production and the licensing for it. But it's packaged and served more like beer."

Electrical engineer Trent Maier had always been a fan of the drink.

"I've been making cider since I was in college," said Maier.

And after doing some research, Maier and his brother-in-law decided to dive into the industry and create the "Whiskey Barrel Cider Company."

"Not only did it match my personal interest, but it looked like it was going somewhere, the industry itself," Maier. "And that seems to be holding true so far."

The cider is made at a winery off of Airport Road, but the owners wanted a better way to sell their product. That's why they opened up shop on Bishop Boulevard.

"We decided to invest really in the residents of Pullman, not just the typical college student draw, but people who live here should have something to enjoy, too," said Maier.

The Cider House isn't just a tasting room for their carefully crafted beverages.

"Nothing but fresh ingredients," said Maier. "It's got just a touch of sweetness, although I would not describe any of our ciders as super sweet."

It's also family friendly restaurant.

"Kids can have our fresh juice, and color on our interesting coasters," said Maier.

And even though they've only been open a few months, they already have loyal regulars.

"I like to show up after a hard day's work, get a nice, cold cider," said Cider House customer Ben Lockett. "I always like to try the new ciders they have, and my favorite is the 'Dam Hard'."

The Cider House is located near the corner of Bishop Boulevard and Southeast Harvest Drive, and they're open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, and for dinner on Sunday.