New Emergency Call Box near Bungalow Bridge in Memory of Hunter Skiles & Crissy Hendren

call box emergency.jpg

In Clearwater County, a family pays tribute to their lost loved one in a way, they hope will help others in the future.

On May 28, 2016 a car accident near the Bungalow Bridge in Clearwater County took the lives of Hunter Skiles and Crissy Hendren.

This area if frequently travelled but has little to no cell service. So the family of Hunter Skiles reached out to the sheriff’s office wanting to find a way to remember their loved one in a way that could help others.

The idea was to make a contribution that would help in emergency situations. They donated an Emergency Call Box. It works through a radio system, so no reception is needed and the caller is connected with a dispatcher who can get help to them in any emergency situation.

Clearwater County Sheriff, Chris Goetz, said he has no doubt that this Call Box will save someone’s life by allowing first responders to be alerted to a situation sooner rather than later.

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