New head lice procedure could keep Clarkston School Dist. students in school

CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston School District has changed its practice when handling head lice.

This is not a change in policy, its a change in procedure. Instead of sending anyone home who has head lice, school principals now have a choice to keep them in school. This change was recommended by The Centers for Disease Control in alliance with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

"But, ultimately the law and our policy says the building principal may exclude a student if they feel it is appropriate intervention," said Executive Director of Teaching & Learning, Jim Fry. "In some cases, that is the right appropriate thing to do in order to get them healthy to return to school."

Fry said lice hasn't become a severe problem for Clarkston schools, the procedure simply changed because the CDC has discovered that head lice isn't a threat to a person's well-being.

Washington State education leaders said they want to try and keep their students in school where they can continue to learn and be cared for at the same time.