New laptop computers at Genesee schools bring new opportunities

GENESEE, ID - Students in Genesee head back to school on September 2nd, and the district is welcoming them back with some new technology.

Principal Kelly Caldwell said with the help of their school board they were able to purchase laptops. They'll go to seventh through twelfth graders and the teachers.

Caldwell said these new laptops will give teachers the ability to teach their students how to utilize technology, and help them be more organized and productive.

" I think there's lots of different opportunities and a lot of them we don't know yet," said Caldwell. "That's the other part if this, its uncharted water for us, so fingers crossed, it's going to go smooth. We know there'll be days that are frustrating and days that will bring challenges, but we're also really excited about all the opportunities for the students and teachers."

The school plans to have these laptops for four years. Caldwell said they hope to update their technology again by then.