New Maverick gas station causes local fuel prices to drop

LEWISTON, ID - It's seems that Christmas has come early, at least for those people taking to the pump.

The simple act of gassing up their cars' brings a smile to the faces of so many local drivers.

"If you're bored at home, go buy some cheap gas and go for a ride," said local motorist Joe Gentry.

During the past few weeks gas prices have dropped significantly and consumers aren't disappointed. It's widely known around the area that ever since the new Maverick fueling station opened up with noticeably lower prices than any other station in town, the prices have dropped drastically.

"I thought wow, actually I wasn't on empty but I thought I better get this while it's good," said Tim Wiggins.

"I think they're wonderful, a person can get out and go see some beautiful country side on a nice beautiful day," said Gentry. That's what I'm doing."

According to, the average driver in Clarkston will pay $3.16, while motorists in Lewiston will pay an average of $2.83. Idaho's current average sits at $3.23, while Washington's average is at $3.34. When compared to the national average of $3.24, both Lewiston and Clarkston consumers fall below the national price at the pump. While some are celebrating the price drop, others still feel it just isn't low enough. However, consumers still feel it just isn't low enough.

"I still think it should go down quite a but more," said motorist Brett Harris. "I don't think there's any reason we should be paying for fuel that's in the ground three months ago at a certain price and then pay a higher price because the crude oil went up."

A number of people fueling up Monday afternoon, who all despite the drastic drop in gas prices, still feel prices should be lower.

"I think they should go down another .18 and I would be happy at that time," said gas critic Gary Ogden.

And for those traveling throughout the holidays, make sure to fuel up while it's "cheap."

"I just hope it stays this way through the holiday's for everybody that has to travel," said Wiggins.

It looks like consumers Christmas wish this year is that price of gas-per-gallon goes down to $2.50. You could say it's a classic case of never being happy enough with the presents under the tree...or in this case, the tank.