New members on Lewiston City Council bring new perspective to table

LEWISTON, ID - Despite a recommendation from a local agency the Lewiston City Council is going a different way.

The council has four new faces on it, which means four new opinions. And Monday night at the very first regular council meeting since being sworn in, members were divided on the issue of former Mayor Pro-Tem Brad Cannon serving on the Urban Renewal Board.

Cannon was recommended by the URA board to serve, however Council member Clinton Daniel and current Mayor Pro-Tem RJ Johnson felt like the agency needed a fresh perspective, and Cannon wasn't it.

"To me the perception is that we purposely held the position open for that long instead of filling it in a timely manner," said Daniel. "And I think getting different people involved in the URA would be a good thing."

"I think we should mix it up a bit and allow someone from the community," said RJ Johnson. "Mr Huelett resume he's got a lot of experience here why not let someone else have a shot."

In a four to three vote the panel decided to go against the boards recommendation, and appointed Joe Huelett to the Urban Renewal Agency.