New RTOP Corner Art Gallery features local artists' works and place for actors to rehearse

PULLMAN, WA - There's a new art gallery in downtown Pullman that celebrates local artists while supporting local theater.

The Regional Theater of the Palouse held a grand opening for its Corner Art Gallery and Thrift Boutique on Saturday. "R-TOP" is a non-profit theatrical organization that gives local actors the chance to perform in Broadway classics and award-winning shows.

"Art is a good thing for any city," said RTOP Board Member Randy Emerson. "I mean, especially with children. Every kid should have the chance to go see a live play, or the chance to be in one."

The Regional Theater of the Palouse is located downtown on Grand Avenue and the Corner Art Gallery is just a couple doors down. It showcases paintings, photographs, and sculptures while providing room for the actors to rehearse their theatrical productions. The new "R-TOP Corner" is Pullman's only off-campus art gallery.