New rules require Idaho Unemployment benefits to be submitted online

LEWISTON, ID - Individuals collecting unemployment benefits in the state of Idaho have one less option when it comes to submitting their weekly claims.

As a new rule is now in effect making it so that they can only be filed online. Up to this time claims could be submitted over the phone, however the state of Idaho has done away with the tel-a-claim system due to federal budget cuts.

Local Idaho Department of Labor, Manager Sage Stoddard, said that they understand how this change affects those with limited access to a computer; however it was a move the state needed to make.

"There's some new federal guidelines as far as work search requirements and to put those requirements into the tel-a-claim system and to also accommodate the maintenance of the system we just don't have the funds to do that," said Stoddard.

Computers are available for use at your local library and the Idaho Department of Labor, where officials from both entities said they're willing to lend a helping hand. The elimination of the telephone system is expected to assist in the reduction of benefit fraud and enable the department to better monitor those actively searching for work.