New video detection signal being installed at Pullman intersection

pullman lights.jpg

In Pullman the city’s taking steps to making an intersection a little safer, and the commute smoother. There’s construction at the intersection of Bishop Boulevard and Main Street.

The city of Pullman is installing video detection signals which will replace loop detection in the asphalt. The idea is to improve signal and operations. When the signal is in the ground during the winter months it can be inaccurate, and create long lines at the light, but these new signals will take care of that.

“When there's snow on the ground, it covers the stripping on the ground so a lot of times vehicles will get not quite in that lane, they’ll get off set a little bit and then we can't detect them at that point,” said Clayton Forsmann, Public Works Director Deputy.

The installation of the new signal will take two days however unlike today traffic will not be effected tomorrow.

Pullman already has 20 signals throughout the city, seven of which are video detection. The costs of each signal costs about $25,000.

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