New WSU football turf is welcoming sight for fans and players

PULLMAN, WA - The start of Washington State University's football season is still months away, but Coug fans now have one more thing to look forward to seeing at their home opener.

They're in the process of replacing the turf on the football field... And the new layout will include crimson end zones. Athletic Director Bill Moos said it's a matter of replacing old, worn-out turf, and giving Coug fans what they want.

"Our fans have been calling for those since my arrival, so we have appeased them with the crimson in the end-zones," said Moos. "And it really does brighten things up quite a bit."

Moos said replacing the turf takes a couple weeks, but crews are in their final stages. Now crews are working on the more intricate details, like the big WSU logo in the center of the field.