New Year's baby 2014 born at Pullman Regional Hospital

PULLMAN, WA - For awhile it was looking like the Quad Cities weren't going to have any New Year's babies, but with two hours left in the holiday, Pullman Regional medical center delivered four bundles of joy.

Of course, only one could be the area's first of 2014. So meet Jonathan David Carvin. He was born at 10:02 p.m. on Wednesday weighing six pounds ten ounces. He did come two weeks early, but is perfectly healthy. His proud parents Lisa and Jonathan, and older sister Kinsie couldn't be happier.

"We took our time getting to the hospital everything progressed great while we were here," said father Jonathan Carvin. "Kind of our second time around so it was much easier on my end this time and just helped the best I can. She did a fantastic job, she was a real trooper and a warrior so."

"Babies very healthy he's doing great," said mother Lisa Carvin. "He's been eating great, he's been sleeping great. Couldn't ask for anything more, I am feeling very, very blessed."

A huge congrats to the family and all the new parents from New Year's day. Gritman Medical Center and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center didn't deliver any babies on New Year's.