Newly elected Lewiston City Council members sworn into office

LEWISTON, ID - The City of Lewiston now has a new mayor and four new council members.

The Lewiston City Council meeting was filled with laughter and tears as members of the seven panel board gave heartfelt speeches before handing their seats over to four elected members.

Mayor Kevin Poole and council members Brad Cannon and Dennis Ohrtman spoke candidly about all they've achieved on the board before giving over their chairs.

"We've been a city for 150 years and councils have come and gone and councils have changed," said former Mayor Poole. "And we seemed to always progress and done well and I completely expect that going forward."

"I have great customers and friends who understand the importance of growing a community," said Cannon. "Hopefully they will reap the benefits as the years roll on."

"We welcome four here that will offer their brain power, their negotiation skills, their color and their drive, we are very confident that they will all try to get it right," said Ohrtman.

Council member Jim Kleeburg was elected by the council to be Lewiston's new mayor. New candidate RJ Johnson, who was just sworn in, was unanimously voted in as mayor pro-tem.