Nez Perce Co. Accepts Grant for Still Vacant Emergency Management Postition


Nez Perce County is still without an emergency manager, but commissioners will soon have more funds for the position.

Tuesday, commissioners voted to accept a $60,146 grant from the Idaho Office of Emergency Management.

The state will provide half. The county, along with the City of Lewiston, must fund the other $30,073.

The grant is partially used for the salary and benefits for the county's emergency manager. That position has been vacant since late July, after former emergency manager Bryant Wolfe resigned after disagreements with commissioners over his training and job duties.

Commissioner Bob Tippett says, "We are still final-drafting a revised...a job description and once that's done we'll post it and start advertising for it."

Commissioners did say they've made some changes to that job description, with commissioner Tippett saying they are just beginning their search for Wolfe's replacement.

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