Nez Perce County Fair will have great food, exhibits & entertainment

LEWISTON, ID - Preparation for the 68th Annual Nez Perce County Fair is off to a good start as many people crowd the fairgrounds to get ready for this week's big event.

"A lot of fun things to do at the fair," said Nez Perce County Fair Manager Mike Orton.

The Nez Perce County Fair is an event that many people look forward to every year, a place where you can either showcase your talents or observe others. But it's also a great place to catch-up with old friends and eat some really tasty fair food.

"It's great people watching," said Nez Perce County Fair Judge Dave Kendrick. "It's fun to see what everyone has done with all of the things that happen in the fair, the animals and the crafts and the flowers, I like it all."

"I enjoy the rides and the different booths and the food," said fair vendor Harmoney Jordan.

Fair goers can expect to see at least 150 vendors at this week's event.

"It's a nice family event that we try to put on for the community and we hope folks come out and enjoy it," said Orton.

As entry day wraps up Tuesday evening, an important day of judging begins Wednesday, followed by a weekend of carnival rides and entertainment. Fair officials said they're hopeful this year's event will attract a large crowd.

"We feel pretty good, we've prepared for it," said Orton. "We just hope now for the attendance and people come and enjoy it."

"I'm pretty excited," said Jordan. "I'm going to wear costumes."

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