Nez Perce County files petition to clarify and reconsider URA ruling

LEWISTON, ID - The court battle between the City of Lewiston and Nez Perce County over tax money that's being directed toward city development projects is far from over.

Nez Perce County filed a petition for clarification and reconsideration following the previous ruling in favor of the Urban Renewal Agency continuing to receive tax money.

Nez Perce Prosecutor Dan Spickler said he's looking for a clearer understanding from the hearing that's now set for January.

"It's important to get a ruling on those things that were not ruled on," said Spickler. "So we can take a look at his final ruling and determine whether or not there's adequate grounds for appeal to the Supreme Court."

County leaders are asking two urban renewal areas be closed down and that money be directed back to the taxing entities. And in addition to that, prohibiting the treasurer from transferring money to the URA.

Judge Griffin scheduled a telephonic hearing for January 16th.