Night to Shine Prom illustrates everybody matters to god

night shine better.jpg

More local news now about a “Night to Shine” – Real Life hosted the prom night experience for more than 50 people with special needs.

The event included a friendly crowd and paparazzi, limousine rides, karaoke, catered dinner, and the dance floor. More than 250 volunteers worked to make the event a memorable one. Organizers say this night is special for everyone involved.

“We as a church believe that everybody matters and that everybody ought to know that they're valuable to god and so we take the opportunity to tell these people that don't get a lot of appreciation in the world, that they matter,” said Pastor Aaron Couch.

“Night to Shine” is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The event took place in all 50 states and ten different countries around the world. More than 350 churches around the world are involved.

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