Nightmare Before Christmas on Grelle Avenue will be kid friendly event

LEWISTON, ID - The committee behind the terrifyingly successful "Nightmare on Grelle Avenue" is back at it with a hauntingly spectacular rendition of the Tim Burton film, "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

The committee is in the process of dismantling the haunted house that recently filled the halls of the old Neva's building for Halloween. Committee Member Shane Harrington said they're restructuring the whole theme to make it just like the Hollywood animated film, that follows Jack Skellington on his journey through Christmas Town. But if you're expecting a good scare, don't.

"Not a haunted house, nobody's jumping out of a corner to scare you or startle you," said Harrington. "It'll be really kid friendly, family friendly. More of a family event so it's going to be really nice."

The Nightmare Before Christmas is not only a fun event, it's a toy drive for families in the Valley who might need a little extra help around the holidays. So take a new toy over to the old Neva's building on Grelle Avenue and say hello to Santa who'll be waiting at the end of the maze to take pictures.

The event is open December 14th, 15th and 16th.