No arrests have been made using video surveillance of Puffin Glass robbery

PULLMAN, WA - About two months ago we told you about a burglary in Pullman at a store called Puffin Glass Studios.

The Whitman County Regional SWAT Team responded to the call. More than $2,000 of glass paraphernalia was stolen from the shop, but no arrests have been made. Reporter Rachel Dubrovin explains why police don't expect to make any arrests even though a major suspect has been identified.

Betsy Walker is a Washington State University student who works as a manager at Puffin Glass Studios on Grand Avenue.

"We normally focus on selling water pipes and just other glass pipes for smoking paraphernalia," said Walker.

Police said on April 17th, two burglars drove a stolen car into the shop's garage door, stole two large water pipes, and left the scene on foot.

"Just ran up to the shelves and took two really expensive pieces and they ran out, left the car here, keys in the ignition, and stolen car," said Walker. "Just, crazy, crazy mess."

These water pipes come in all different shapes and sizes. But Walker said the two that were stolen were top-of-the-line, and together they cost about $2,500."

"They obviously knew exactly what they were going for because they just ran in and grabbed it and ran out," said Walker.

It was all caught on tape.

"We know the name," said Walker. "Ya, we know who it is."

And Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant said they have identified a major suspect in the case.

"We're pretty sure that he's involved, however we don't have probable cause for an arrest," said Tennant. "There's just not enough evidence in this case to make an arrest."

Commander Tennant said they'll forward their investigation to the county prosecutor, but he said they'll likely come to the same conclusion.

"Pictures are great, but they're not the end of the story," said Tennant. "If you don't have something else, and in this particular case, the picture really isn't that good, and it's just not enough on it's face."

Walker said it's a frustrating situation.

"Being a part of the Coug community, I feel like we always try to look out for each other and it just wasn't very Coug of that person," said Walker. "It doesn't really go with the vibes of our community."

She said the shop has upgraded its security with new surveillance cameras and locks, and their plan is to continue to serve their loyal customers.

"We're not going to let something like that keep us from doing business because we got a lot of good stuff to sell," said Walker.

Commander Tennant said this case will likely be put into "inactive status" but investigators can reactivate it at any time if more information becomes available.