No explosives located at Grangeville High School after bomb threat

GRANGEVILLE, ID - Grangeville High School and surrounding schools in town were canceled Wednesday due to a bomb threat.

Officials from the surrounding region had to be brought in to assist the local police department.

Where there's normally an abundance of cars maneuvering in and out of the parking lot during lunch time, the lot was vacant Wednesday at Grangeville High School. According to police, a note was found Wednesday morning by the school custodian alluding to a possible bomb placed on the campus.

"We notified the parents before the buses even went out," said Mountain View School District Superintendent Greg Bailey.

Luckily it was early enough that no students were on campus to be evacuated. Bailey said Grangeville elementary and middle schools had no signs of a threat, so the high school is the only building that's going to be searched.

"The Sheriff's Department and the Police Department were quick to respond and come up and they secured the area," said Bailey.

"The Boise Police Department is bringing their ordinance disposal team along with a explosive sensing canine dog unit to search the building for potential threats," said Bailey.

The Boise Police Department was contacted to assist Grangeville PD because the Spokane County Bomb Squad was not available.

"They are figuring they are going to be able to do the search before the end of the day and so we should be able to get up and going tomorrow," said Bailey.

Chief of Police Morgan Drew of the Grangeville Police Department said they closed down the surrounding schools as a necessary precaution.

"Anytime that you have a note like that on any type of campus public building, it has to be taken seriously and as a threat so we treat every one like that," said Drew.

No bomb was located and Grangeville Police said they will be working with high school officials Thursday to find the person or persons responsible for the incident.