No serious accidents in valley despite snowy roads Monday

L.C. VALLEY - The weather conditions Monday caused some roads to close for the day, and some schools in the region to take the day off.

Both Sheriff's Offices from Nez Perce County and Asotin County said they didn't have any serious accidents called in and drivers seemed to be doing okay despite the hazardous road conditions. The morning fog lifted in the early afternoon and the roads cleared up a bit during the warmest part of the day as more drivers trudged through the area.

Over the weekend, icy conditions resulted in a collision between two vehicles in Lewiston. 54-year-old Randy Hiatt, who's under investigation on DUI charges, was allegedly speeding and unable to stop while driving on Main Street. He crashed into a vehicle with two occupants from Troy, 57-year-old Matthew Carroll and 50-year-old Sheli Carroll. Hiatt was extricated from his vehicle and all three passengers were taken to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.