North ID. Peer Support Conference: Gain skills for effective peer support


With addiction becoming a national emergency, officials with Riverside Recovery say peer support has become crucial for those struggling with addiction and mental health.

Jenny Teigen is a recovery coach at Riverside Recovery, and she knows all too well what that struggle is like. She is diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has battled addiction and substance abuse. Jenny said peer support can make all the difference in someone’s life

"How to combat triggers, and just really anything that goes along with recovery, because we are asking people to change their whole entire lives, and that's really hard,” said Teigen. “So knowing that someone has went through similar experiences is huge."

To help gain more knowledge on how to provide peer support, they are holding the Northern Idaho Peer Support Conference on August 25 and 26 at the Best Western in Moscow. Registration is $20.00 in advance and $35.00 at the door.

The goal is to teach peer specialists tips and skills for effective peer support.

If you would like more information, you can contact Jenny at (208) 816-7238 or email at

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