North Lewiston home fire causes significant damage

LEWISTON, ID - Fire officials responded to a house fire Wednesday afternoon at the 2300 block of Second Avenue in Lewiston.

According to Lewiston Fire Department Battalion Chief Travis Myklebust, the fire started near the back porch, outside of the home but quickly worked it's way inside. Fire officials were able to put the majority of the fire out within 10 minutes but that wasn't before significant damage was caused to both the interior and backside of the home.

"We got here, we were told that no one was home and that the property owner was not here," said Myklebust. "We sent crews in, we knocked the fire down from the outside and sent crews into the interior."

Fire officials later confirmed that the property owner Lloyd Ivengood was indeed home when the fire started but he was unable to stop the blaze before it quickly engulfed both the kitchen and back bedrooms.

Myklebust said the fire is fully contained at this time but the cause of the fire remains under investigation. The Red Cross will put Ivengood up in a temporary location. No one was injured.