Northwest Children's Home helps children deal with neglect & abuse

LEWISTON, ID - The Northwest Children's Home has been a sanctuary for abused youth in the Lewiston area since 1908.

However, even after a hundred years of serving the Valley, Director of Development Erika Allen said they still fight misconceptions about what the center really does and the youth they rehabilitate.

"A lot of people think that this is a lock down facility for kids who are criminals," said Allen. "We're not dealing with troubled youth we're dealing with children who've experienced child abuse."

Allen said they're working with children who have experienced severe neglect and abuse, who require special 24 hour therapy and care. Once they've spent about six months to a year at the center, they graduate to different placement centers.

Allen said the Northwest Children's Home is working to get misconceptions about the program cleared through community involvement and awareness.

The center has a golf tournament on September 8th at the Quail Ridge Golf Course.

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