Northwest Children's Home plant organic vegetable garden

LEWISTON, ID - Friday marks the first garden day of the season for kids at the Northwest Children's Home in Lewiston.

Kids at the Northwest Children's Home began their annual garden, where they'll plant a variety of organic vegetables. All the vegetables harvested will be used in the kitchen to feed the more than 90 kids who reside there, the garden also serves as a therapeutic technique as well.

"It gives the kids an opportunity to some outside, do some hands on therapy with a staff member, and basically get dirty and do something fun and different," said Director of Development Erika Allen.

The children are expected to harvest more than 200 pounds of organic vegetables from the garden. Last year, they won first place at fair for their pumpkin and their goal this year is to grow a 200-pound pumpkin to claim the top spot. The children's home is looking for volunteers to help out or donations in the form of cash or vegetable seeds.