Not enough money to serve all children who need food in Backpack Program

CLARKSTON, WA - And while the free and reduced meals program helps during the week, many are worried about meals during weekends, too.

But workers and volunteers from the Asotin County Food Bank are working hard to fix that. More then 1600 elementary students in both Clarkston and Asotin are part of the free and reduced meals program

Those kids are also eligible for a weekend food program, however due to lack of funding, the food bank can only afford to send 212 kids home with meals on the weekend.

"We are always looking forward to donations to pay for the program," said Program Chairman, Jim Houg. "We're under the umbrella of the food bank (Asotin County) so we don't pay for heat, lights and insurance. So every donation that comes in to the Backpack program goes strictly to the food products that are distributed to the kids."

Volunteers distribute 212 backpacks full of food every week. Each one costs four-dollars. In the course of an entire school year, they'll need more than $32,000 to help all the kids they serve.

Right now there are more kids who need food on the weekend than they can serve. That's why they need your help. If you're interested in donating you can take cash or a check to the food bank on Maple Street in Clarkston.