N.P. Co. Road Dept. feels URA road extension is poor choice for an approach

LEWISTON, ID - The Urban Renewal Agency is now one step closer to narrowing down prospective projects within the city of Lewiston.

Punching Nez Perce Drive through to Gun Club Road is one of the major projects under consideration. Despite URA member Bob Blakey being a proponent of that project, leaders from Nez Perce county feel it's an unsafe choice.

"That is certainly a poor area for an approach to come into Gun Club Road," said Nez Perce County Road & Bridge Dept. Mark Ridinger. " Looking at the map I have, Gun Club Road goes in and out of city/ county limits and the proposed site is in the county."

Nez Perce County Chairman Bob Tippett said the county wouldn't be contributing financially to the project if Urban Renewal board members decide to move forward with it.