Office for Civil Rights Title Nine law investigates both universities on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - As The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights continues it's Title Nine compliance investigation of Washington State University and the University of Idaho, it could be awhile before the schools find out if they comply with federal standards.

At the U of I, Dean of Students Bruce Pitman said sexual misconduct is taken very seriously, and they've implemented multiple student programs to try and prevent it from happening. He said he expects to see the number of reported sexual misconduct cases to go up as the university continues to cooperate with the Office for Civil Rights.

"When we do more of this work, and do it with credibility, then it's going to make victims feel more comfortable coming forward," said Pitman. "And so, the number of cases we will be handling will continue to grow."

Both the U of I and WSU were notified that The Department of Education received complaints about failures to adequately respond to allegations of sexual misconduct. Both universities said they're currently cooperating with the Office for Civil Rights, and they believe they're in full compliance with Title Nine laws.

Pitman said now it's just a matter of waiting on the results of the investigation to find out if they need to modify their practices further, but he doesn't expect to see the results in the near future.