Officials and community members honor Sheriff Buttrey

LEWISTON, ID - Officials and community members of Nez Perce County honored a man who's been serving the county for more than 26 years.

With a little more than a month left on his term as Nez Perce County Sheriff, Dale Buttrey was honored Thursday for his many years of service. Buttrey shared with the public his appreciation to the community, as well as other law enforcement agencies, noting that he's both honored and happy with his many years of service at the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office.

"Sheriff's come and go but the Sheriff's Office will remain forever," said Buttrey. "I believe it's going in the right direction. It has been an honor and privilege to work with you all and to serve as your sheriff."

"Dale has been a great friend and a great person to work with," said Idaho State Police Lieutenant Allen Oswald. "I believe he's done a great job with the sheriff's department and he has an excellent working relationship with the State Police and other agencies in the Valley."

"Dale took over as Sheriff and has done an outstanding job leading the department into an ethically and character-based organization," said LPD Chief Steven Orr. "I'm very proud to know him and consider him a friend as well. He'll be deeply missed."

Sheriff Buttrey will finish his term through January 14th of 2013. He said he's had a great career, and is ready for the next chapter of his life.