Officials in Asotin Co. battle over the cost of Whitcom E-911 Dispatch Services

CLARKSTON, WA - City of Clarkston officials are not in favor of meeting in a closed session with the Asotin County Commission, when it comes to dispatch services.

The battle for dispatch costs started almost two years ago. The Asotin County Sheriff's Office collects money from local agencies and pays Whitcom E-911 Dispatch Services to expedite their calls. City of Asotin officials raised concerns about how much they were paying Asotin County for dispatch services. Clarkston City Council officials are concerned about the amount they pay to Asotin County also.

Now the Clarkston council is rejecting a proposal from the Asotin County Commission to meet in private about the contracts.

"We believe, any contract negotiations that will directly affect our neighboring public entities, namely the City of Asotin and the Rural County and Asotin County Rural Fire District should be held in the public eye," said Clarkston City Councilmember, Larry Baumgartner.

The city voted to have the mayor send a response to the Asotin County Commission. They are requesting to have an open public meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday the 21st.